Mine, The Sculptor's Girl

from And What I Am by Josh Doucette



you wear your hair over your shoulders
and it falls around me when you
look in my eyes

and your words, they jump from your lips
and kiss my ears like a poet's croon
they are raw and true

and your shape was cut from stone
like the sculptor had you alone
and used his hands instead

your heart beats for me like a drunk
it beats for me like a drunk beats his dog for its wrongs
it is hard and long, and on, and on

you invade me like i am france
in a third reich world war advance
and i lay my arms down

then like a slave you lock away my fears
and you gather what's left of my tears
and you drink them down

and you said 'love i'm yours and only yours,
so catch me as i fall
in love'

i'll kneel down on a thousand knees
and tie a thousand pieces of string
around your finger

and i told you you should wait
when you're on your dying day
so i can lie with you

here we are at the end
kiss me hard, three more words
then it ends


from And What I Am, released July 21, 2015


all rights reserved



Josh Doucette New York, New York

Old folk and bluesy poetry mixed with roots influenced acoustic guitar and raw, emotive vocals.

A singer-songwriter, from Milwaukee, WI, living in New York, NY.

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